Hello Greatest Birthday Cake Maker of All Time!

(That's YOU, because you soon will be!)

Shape Tins is a modern children's birthday cake book that comes with four specially designed cake tins that you can use to make every single Shape Tins cake.

For each of our cake designs, we have created decorating sets of edible paper stickers to make decorating your cakes a cinch.

With one Shape Tins Kit, you can create years of amazing cakes for your cute little people, easily.

Why Choose Shape Tins?

·      Shape Tins is a birthday cake book that comes with cake tins that will create cakes that are the perfect shape. No more buying new tins for every birthday cake! Every single Shape Tins cake can be made with our set of four specially designed cake tins. 

·      Shape Tins are premium quality, reusable cake tins that will last you for all the birthday and special event cakes you ever want to make (and then some!). Purchase them once and they'll last a lifetime.

·      Got your own favourite cake recipe, need to cater for special dietary requirements, or just want to quickly whip up a packet mix? You can bake any cake of your choice in Shape Tins.

·      No fuss decorating! Our decorating sets are designed to fit our cakes perfectly. Just cut the designs out using normal scissors, peel the plastic backing off and stick the design onto your iced cake as easily using as a sticker. 

"My Shape Tins arrived - they are just perfect and the cookbook / inspiration is a hit. THANK YOU for saving birthday cakes in our house!"

"Awesome product with excellent instruction book & edible design sheets! The perfect gift if you want something practical which makes life easy but with impressive results!"

"The perfect gift for my sister and new mum. We grew up making cakes but alas she never quite got the presentation gene... enter Shape Tins! Now all her cake dreams for her little boy are a reality. Her face when she opened it and realised how cool and clever it was was just priceless."