Hello cake-making loved ones of cute little people!

I’m Tessa, founder of Shape Tins. I grew up with a Mum who made my birthday cakes from the Women’s Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book and I have the warmest memories of flicking through those pages and agonising over which cake to choose. When those cakes became a reality, it was pure magic.

So, when my digger-obsessed son, Buddy, turned two, I, like many parents before me, embarked on my first kids’ birthday party cake making project. How hard could it be to make a digger cake, am I right? Umm… no. It was pretty darn hard! Armed with several saved pictures from a Google search, I visited SO MANY different shops trying to find cake tins that would make the perfect digger-shaped cake. After much longer than I anticipated and a lot of stuffing about cutting larger cakes into the shapes I wanted then icing the cut sides of cakes and having crumbs go everywhere, the digger cake was made. It was a little bit wonky and a little bit messy, but my little boy could not have loved it more – the BEST reward for all the effort.  

Over the next few birthdays for Buddy and his little brother, Pax, I found that I kept experiencing the same problem – it was HARD to find the right shaped cake tins to make the cool kids’ birthday party cakes that my little boys wanted. Add to this the problem that my boys find the momentous decision which cake to choose so difficult that they keep changing their minds up to the very last minute, and it is impossible! (How exactly does one switch from making a space rocket cake to making a dump truck cake the day before a birthday party?)

And so, Shape Tins was born. With four specially designed and versatile cake tins, decorating ‘cheat sheets’ and lots of tips and inspiration via our Shape Book, Shape Tins helps you to make cool cakes for cute little people, easily. (Actually easily. I promise).