You will find answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Shape Tins Kit

What are Shape Tins made of?

Shape Tins are made from commercial-quality anodised aluminium alloy.


How do I care for Shape Tins?

Shape Tins should be hand-washed in warm, soapy water. Please, no dishwashers! It is safe to use a nylon scourer.


Are there any special cooking instructions that I should follow?

No, but we have created a list of our top tips to make baking with our tins as easy and hassle free as possible here.


How do I bake using the dome shaped tin given that it is round?

Our dome tin balances easily when placed directly onto a wire shelf in your oven. Just make sure you place it on the shelf carefully so that the tin is straight.


Can I make Shape Tins cakes for my child's specific dietary requirements?

Yes! You can bake using any cake recipe of your choice in Shape Tins. We do recommend that you use packet mixes (to find out more about this, read our #shapetinstips), but we have translated all of our cake measurements into grams, so you can use any recipe of your choosing.


Do you sell the tins individually?

No. However, if you need one tin replaced because your cute little person claims it as their favourite beach toy and then leaves it at the beach (hi cute little person, you have great taste!), please contact us at hello@shapetins.com.au because we are always happy to help.


Can I buy Shape Tins in shops?

Not yet, but we are working on it! For now, Shape Tins are only available on our website.


Do I have to use Shape Tins' Decorating Sets with my Shape Tins?

No. Shape Tins help you bake cakes that puzzle piece together to create a range of different cake designs. How you then choose to decorate your cake is up to you! Our Decorating Sets are designed to provide help for the trickier parts of decorating, but are by no means necessary. You may prefer to decorate your cakes using only food colouring, lollies and your imagination. (Ps. We love seeing your creations! Tag @shapetins on Instagram to be in the running to win our monthly competition!)


Where are Shape Tins made?

Shape Tins are designed in Australia and made in China.

Decorating Sets

What are Shape Tins' Decorating Sets?

Our decorating sets are designs that we have created and printed on edible paper and glossy laminated paper that will help you decorate your cake easily.


What is Shape Tins' edible paper made of?

Our edible paper is made from starch (acetylated distarch adipate, maltodextrin, glycerin,sugar, water, glucose, vanilla E414, E460i, E471, E330).


Is Shape Tins' edible paper edible?

Yes! It's not called edible paper for nothing!

Our edible paper is gluten free and nut free.


How do I use Shape Tins' edible paper?

Head to our #ShapeTinsTips page for tips on how to use our edible paper (and much more!).


How do I store Shape Tins' edible paper?

Store the edible paper in the original bag provided. If you open the bag and remove an image, ensure that the bag is always completely resealed. Store in a cool, dry place.


What are Shape Tins' paper cut-outs made of?

Our paper cut-outs are made from laminated or varnished paper.


Are Shape Tins' paper cut-outs edible?

No. Our paper cut-outs are non-edible decorations. They should be removed from the cake before the cake is cut.


How do I use Shape Tins' paper cut-outs?

Each of our paper cut-outs has a set of instructions that explains what you need to do.

We recommend that you cut out and prepare our paper cut-outs when you are decorating your cake, but only attach them to the cake shortly before the party. Paper cut-outs will mark when touching buttercream icing if they are left for a lengthy period.