Mermaid Cake Decorating Set


The Shape Tins Mermaid cake decorating set helps you create a mermaid themed birthday cake easily.

Shape Tins' cake designs come with decorating 'cheat sheets' printed on edible paper, that you can cut out and stick on your cake as easily as stickers, so decorating is a cinch. Some designs also include paper cut-outs for extra 3D details.

Our Mermaid cake decorating set comes with one sheet of edible paper designs and a paper cut-out mermaid to help you create a whimsical mermaid world as easily as cutting them out and popping them straight onto your iced cake. 

Download the Mermaid Cake Recipe Card

Best used together with our Shape Tins Kit which is sold separately here!

    Product Info:

    Edible paper shelf life: 2 years

    We recommend that our edible paper is used within 6 months to avoid colours fading.


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